Choose your cleanse

Whether you’re a Juicing virgin or one of our Juicy pro’s we have something for everyone. Seasoned cleansers can dive straight into the 4 day (Go hard or go home) but if you’re a nervous swimmer and fancy just dipping your toe in the Juicy waters we also offer a 2 day mini cleanse (also perfect for those of you who need to ‘top up’ after your Juicy holiday)

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We get juicing

We won’t bore you with too much technical information but our PURE Juicer is the Rolls Royce/Mulberry of the juicing world and ensures we get every last drop of goodness from the fruit and veg but most importantly it means our juices have NO BITS!! YIPPEEE!

Once made our juices are bottled, packed and are out the door quicker than you can say Juicycalafragalistic!!

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We get delivering

Hopefully you’ve got the picture by now but WE SEND TWO DELIVERIES (because we’re awesome and you deserve the best) here’s a fancy little chart to show you how it works…

Start your cleanse

Ready, set JUICE! Everything you need for the next two days will be in your first delivery. We suggest you make a big batch of lemon water the night before so it’s perfectly zesty for the morning, and you can sip on this all day long (It’s perfectly acceptable to imagine this is a gin and tonic, we won’t judge) It can be a little daunting to think you’re not going to eat for 4 days but never lose sight of the reasons you decided to join the Juicy Party. Trust us when we say you will reap the rewards and 4 days, in the grand scheme of things, is nothing right?

Relax and embrace an early night, you’ll notice from our hundreds of reviews a lot of our lovely clients say one of the most immediate benefits is sleeping like a baby, sounds dreamy doesn’t it! If you have any questions we’re sure you’ll find the answers in our FAQ’s but if not drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

After the cleanse

YOU MADE IT! Right now your body is a clean, green, detoxing machine so ease yourself back into normal life however you feel comfortable. We’d suggest not going too crazy, after all we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t spend hours cleaning your house only to volunteer for it to be used as a new Tough Mudder obstacle!

What’s most important to us though is that you’ve absolutely smashed your goal, whether that was being able to feel fabulous in your outfit for an event this weekend or kick starting a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle. Whatever your reasons for choosing us we want to say a HUGE well done and thank you. Welcome to the Juicytox family

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