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Can Juice Cleanses Work?

Juicing, body cleansing, detoxing – whatever you like to call it, it’s the latest diet trend to hit our sunny shores. Favoured by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and with numerous health and body benefits including weight loss, cellulite reduction and a boost in energy, we chatted to Rob, the founder of Sussex-based Juicytox to find out more and even gave a four day juice-only cleanse a go for ourselves…juicy

Launching in May, Juicytox who deliver their fresh juices to homes in Brighton and beyond, provide a four day body detox packed full of anti-oxidants, calcium and vitamins A, C, K, E, iron, magnesium, potassium, chlorophyll and folate. It sounds great, but what does that do for your body and what are the benefits?

“A juice cleanse can bring amazing benefits to your body and mind,” Rob says. “Just some of the reasons so many people enjoy juicing are that it improves digestion and immune systems, boosts energy levels and reduces bloating. It’s a great way to give our bodies a break from bad toxins we would normally consume.”

“During the cleanse you will only be consuming the four juices and 2 litres of water, each day. This means that the juices are going straight in your system and ultimately will find their way to your bloodstream,” Rob continues. “Juicing allows rapid nutrition into the cells which means it gets to the right places much faster. All of our juices are cold pressed which means not only do they last 3 x more than most domestic juicers; they also extract up to 30% more goodness as well, so you know you’re drinking a bottle which is full of live nutrients.”

“Think about what you would normally put in your body in 4 days and now think that for 4 days while you’re detoxing, you will be flooding the body with live nutrients. In essence, you’re feeding the body with the liquid fuel it needs.”

Armed with all the information we needed and our first batch of juices, straws and lemons (delivered on Monday, to start the following morning) all that was left was to get juicing!

Things you should know before you start a juice cleanse:

1) We know it’s boring, but you’ll only thank yourself during the cleanse, if you wean yourself off caffeine, alcohol and fatty foods a few days beforehand, stopping cravings and preventing niggling caffeine-headaches.

2) Try not to over-do it! While the detox boosts energy levels, it can take a few days to kick in, so don’t try and be superwoman, if you’re a little tired, rest! Working out is not recommended, due to the reduced calorie intake you’ll be consuming and neither is arranging to go out for lunch, dinner or coffee – you don’t need any unnecessary temptation!

3) It is normal for your tongue to feel a bit furry – it’s just another way those pesky toxins are leaving your body.

4) Chewing gum is a treat! Like the mint teas supplied in your Juicytox goody bag, sugar-free gum helps to keep any cravings at bay.

5) If you REALLY have to, you can have a piece of fruit and it shouldn’t affect your results too much.

6) And finally, be prepared to not actually feel hungry!

Juice Collage

How we got on:

Day 1 – Enjoyed drinking the juices for the first time and felt thirsty, very easy to drink over the recommended 2L of water with lemon. Had a great night’s sleep too!

Day 2 – Woke up and had ginger shot, which is pretty tangy but tasty. Not hungry and had to be reminded to drink the 10am juice, felt a little spacey at times but drank more water and felt better within a few minutes. The 1pm, 4pm and 7pm juices all went down fine and our second batch of juices were delivered too – with a high five from Rob!

Day 3 – Found it hard to get out of bed, but the ginger shot and hot lemon water helped! This was the hardest day, not because we craved food, just because we were quite tired! The sugar-free chewing gum and mint tea boosted our morale though! By mid-afternoon, a change had happened and we found ourselves feeling clearer, focused and energised – hurrah!

Day 4 – Last day! Woke up full of energy and raring to take on the last day of our juice detox. Not hungry in the slightest and it was quite a struggle to finish all four juices. Another great night’s sleep too!

Day 5– It’s over. We lost a total of 10.5lbs between the two of us and feel brilliant. Our stomachs are flat, cellulite is reduced and we no longer find ourselves reaching for the biscuits, cake or coffee, instead we eat eggs and are stuffed!

Our verdict

The cleanse was a far more positive experience than we’d imagined. The healthy eating has continued with cravings of grilled chicken, salmon, watermelon and our old juice friend, celery and we’ve kept up the water too. We also have kept the pounds off – something we didn’t expect at all. Gwynnie, Jen and Rosie, we’re joining you. We’re totally converted!

To find out more about Juicytox visit their website or see more results on their Facebook page.

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