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If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I love green juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls – basically anything with a whole load of fruits and veggies makes me a happy Rachida. For most of this year I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a juice cleanse, I’ve done a day here and there, but the amount of time and effort it takes to juice it all myself put me off doing it for any longer than 24 hours. Yes, I know I am lazy, but at least I’m honest about it.

I stumbled across Juicytox on Instagram when I was having my usual nosey around at health and fitness profiles and trendy, hipster posts of juices and cats. I followed from afar for a while, and also checked out other juice companies that offered delivery in the UK.

So what made me decide to give Juicytox a try? Quite simply the comments from people saying how great the customer service is, how tasty the juices are and the brilliant transformation photos.

Last month when I was back home in the UK I contacted Juicytox boss Rob and arranged to finally do my 4-day juice cleanse. Wahooo!

There are 3 different cleanse options: the Signature Cleanse, Premium Cleanse (this is the one I did) or the Rejuve Cleanse. For the Premium Cleanse you have have a total of 6 juices to enjoy each day along with 1 ginger shot in the morning.

8am: Ginger shot

9am: Drop Veg Gorgeous

11am: Bright Eyes

1pm: Spicy Lemonade

3pm: Drop Veg Gorgeous

5pm: Sweet Beets

7pm: Cashew Mylk

You also get a ‘sleep well’ tea for each night and a lemon for each day of the cleanse to slice up and make your own hot or cold lemon water. I usually drink between 2 and 3 litres a day, so the recommended water intake for the cleanse wasn’t a shock for me, but if you don’t drink enough water (and you really should!) you might find yourself nipping to the loo a little more often than usual!

I love how there is a suggested time schedule of when to take each juice, and especially how you only have to wait 2 hours between each one. I found that when I was starting to get hungry it would pretty much be time for the next drink – which made it much easier. I have seen other cleanses where you only have 4 juice per day and have to wait 3 hours between each one, but I don’t think I could cope with waiting that long!

I had a great experience with Juicytox and Rob was really motivating and checked in on me each evening to see how I was getting along and if there were any problems. This level of customer service is rare and definitely made the whole juice cleanse easier – with someone cheering you on, it’s hard not to feel the strength to continue, right?

The juices were absolutely delicious and I genuinely enjoyed the flavours of all of them, especially the Spicy Lemonade and the Cashew Mylk – mmm mmmm! And to top it off I am thrilled to tell you that I lost a total of 5lbs, and I haven’t put any of it back on, in fact I have lost a couple more lbs since my cleanse. I found that I was definitely going to the loo more than usual, but it’s completely normal when consuming just juices for 4 days, and a whole lot of water. Another benefit of the cleanse was that I slept better than I had done in a long time, and felt extremely well-rested.

Next time I’m back in the UK I’ll be putting in another order, so be sure to stay tuned to myInstagram account for more juicy updates!


I wanted to ask Rob a few questions about his Juicytox journey, because I always like to get to know the back story of a company or business that I connect with, and I thought my lovely readers would too.

What made you want to start a juicing service?

I did a juice cleanse once and I saw first hand the results. What I’ve tried to do is make our cleanse more accessible financially whilst not compromising on quality.

What do you feel sets you apart from other juice companies?

Not only is our juice made by the Norwalk (widely regarded as the rolls Royce of juicers) we also supply lemons, teas, ginger shots and straws. Our juices are also delivered in 2 batches to ensure the juice you’re drinking is as fresh as possible.

Do you have plans to add more juices to your range?

We’re currently finalising our Platinum Cleanse which will have 4 brand new juices. This will be the most expensive cleanse to date due to the ingredients we will be using.

Do you often get repeat customers?

Absolutely! We have clients sometimes do 3/4/5/6 weeks straight and others do it monthly/quarterly. We would advise doing a cleanse every 3 months.

What benefits do you believe juicing can give an individual?

This could take a while to answer!! We’ve seen results from; better sleep, increased energy levels, weight loss, clearer skin, enhanced vision and sharper mental clarity. Our clients just feel generally better after doing this and feel so much better for it.

Watch my unboxing and Day 1 videos here:

So UK ladies and gents, if you want to feel fit as a fiddle, vibrant and start on a healthy new path, head over to Juicytox and order your own fabulous cleanse.

Ready to feel Awesome?